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Adam’s Transformation

I recently had the pleasure of helping Adam with a transformation program. He worked hard and the results show proof of that. Adam and his wife Andrea have been friends of ours for a few years now and were members of our gym destination until they moved to Chicago. Adam has primarily trained as a […]

100 Books!

100 Books! I had a professor at Oklahoma State that I really enjoyed, named Dr. Urich. I took several of his classes, but I think what stuck with me more than his course material was some of his common-sense teaching. One night, he talked to us about the stats of people who read books after […]

Fittest School In America?

Naperville, Illinois – We left the hotel in downtown Chicago around 7am for a cold walk to the train station. People from Dallas are terrible at public transportation because we really don’t have any. Tawna and I were nervous about getting the correct tickets and leaving on time to meet Paul for our scheduled tour […]

Readers 2 Leaders

I’m very excited about the work I’m doing with a very special organization called Readers 2 Leaders. I just began serving on their board of directors and am excited about their mission and bringing my talents and resources to the table. I first started working with Readers 2 Leaders in the summer of 2018. I […]

Super Fit After 60: Randy McCoy Transformation

Randy McCoy, AKA Dad, was very inspired by the results Mark Diaz was able to achieve (Click here to check out Mark’s transformation). He made the decision that after his summer travel plans came to a close, that he wanted to dedicate 12 weeks to getting into the best possible aesthetic shape. His results were […]

Mark Diaz Transformation

Mark Diaz recently completed the 2018 Bodybuilding.com $250,000 Transformation Challenge! His results were excellent and I wanted to share the path we followed to achieve these results. Mark is a lifelong athlete, what I would consider a pretty advanced lifter, and someone who has participated in body transformation challenges before. So he had a lot […]

Club Industry Instagram Takeover!

What the heck is an Instagram Takeover, you ask? It’s where someone other than the original account owner runs the account for the day. In this case – I was given the reigns to the Club Industry Instagram Account for one day to make posts and primarily, put content in the Instagram Story section of […]

Camp Jansen Seminar Notes

Camp Jansen Seminar Notes Hosts: Matt Jansen, Nathan Deashea, and Michaela Aycock Location: Arsenal Strength I’ve attended and hosted a LOT of bodybuilding related seminars. Matt Jansen’s stock is really hot right now with a client list containing Ian Valliere, Nathan DeAshea, Shaun Clarida, and Charles Griffen, just to name a few; as well as […]

My First Off Season in 6 Years Tracked

Following my first dance on the NPC National stage, I’m filled with motivation to approach my first goal oriented off-season since 2012. As a refresher to anyone reading this that hasn’t known me through my competitive journey, I took a hiatus from competing from 2013 – 2017. In 2013, I had competed for eight consecutive […]

Bodybuilding on Food Stamps! The SNAP Challenge

I’m a little late to the party, but I recently learned about The SNAP Challenge from a fellow member of my local Toast Master’s group that I attend. I love a good challenge, and I thought there was some irony in the concept. I spend a lot of time helping people, talking to people, and […]