Trainer Entrepreneur Competitor

Who Am I?

A young entrepreneur, successful competitive bodybuilder, power lifter, fitness model, public speaker and premier personal trainer, I'm by nature a very driven individual with a passion for helping others. Read My Full Bio >>

Why My Clients are Successful

Getting results and contest preparation can be a very tricky process. My clients are successful because they are provided with customized programs that take the guess work out of their results. I am able to provide my clients with an objective assessment, design a program specifically for them, and make adjustments as needed based on how their individual body's respond to their new program. My clients are held accountable by required check-ins with me, and their progress stays on track so that come contest day, or special event their goals are met Learn More About What I do >>

Welcome To My Site

I'd like to personally welcome you to my new web site. On here you will find the services I offer as a trainer, diet coach, and public speaker. I also have an awesome NEW "clients only" section that includes an interface that will be the base of our personal training relationship. Through this site you will submit progress photos to me, post questions to my staff and I, schedule training sessions and appointments, get updates about your exercise, diet, and supplement program along with information about upcoming competitions. You will also be able to connect with my other clients for support and help!


Greg McCoy